Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just in Time for Summer!

Pattern:  Lucia by Jamie Thomas
Yarn:  Rowan Savannah 94% cotton, 6% silk
Needles:  #8 (5mm) 32" circulars
Comments:  I loved the pattern and the yarn.  Because the cotton is wrapped in silk thread, the fabric has a slightly nubby appearance and the silk may have made the cotton more pleasant to knit than a regular cotton.
The finished garment has a soft drape, due to the "darts" and the nature of the yarn.
 I deviated from the pattern in several ways.
 1.  I omitted the "darts" on the sides and in the front, as I thought it would be too much fabric for me.  I'm happy that I did.
2.  I added 7 smaller buttons, rather than 5 larger ones as in the pattern.
 3.  Instead of four rows of garter stitch at the hem I did 8 rows, which seemed to anchor the fabric more than the 4 rows on the sleeves, and kept it from curling.

It's a short cardigan (sort of like a bed jacket) and has a pretty flare at the back.  It is really, really comfy.  I intend to wear it three ways: buttoned, unbuttoned, and with the bottom button closed leaving the top flaps open, as in the photo directly above.

Also semi-done is a small flower pin to dress it up a bit.  Look in later to see if I get around to that.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Love that little cardigan, and also your mods. Looks great for spring (a normal one, anyway).

Kym said...

Such a perfect little cardi for warmer weather! (Love the color, too!)