Monday, January 02, 2012

Mira's Cowl, Grace Kelly Style.

Pattern:  Mira's Cowl (Grace Kelly style)
Yarn:  Online Cosmo (70% Merino, 5% cashmere, 25% Poly) sock yarn
Needles:  #7 (4.5mm)

This cowl seemed to be doomed to a wonky end. No, it wasn't the pattern. The pattern is lovely; a Fibonacci sequence of ribbing that is very attractive.  It wasn't the yarn.  The yarn, a nice blend of Merino and cashmere, is yummy and soft. I fear it was the knitter.

After I bound off, I noticed a couple of errors.  So I did my best to fix those with duplicate stitches.  That didn't look so great, but it was better than glaring purl stitches on stockinette.  So much for working with dark yarn on a winter night in Minnesota.

I decided I'd better block it, so I soaked it and then realized that my bind off side was much looser than my cast on side.  So, stretching to match the loose side did not work and I ended up snagging it!  Then I struggled with damp yarn, trying to minimize the snag.  Uffda, to put it mildly.

The yarn looked better before blocking, so I wish I hadn't blocked it.  But it twists into a rather nice "Grace Kelly" type of scarf, so all is not lost.

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