Friday, November 04, 2011

Headband with Flower

Pattern: Morning Walk Headband Earwarmer by Tif Matthews (the great big flower is my addition).
Yarn:  Cascade Ecological Wool (a rather hairy yarn, as you can see in this closeup.  But it still feels fairly soft.
 Needles:  #10
Comments:  A fun pattern that knits up quickly and is easy to wear.  I did my own flower, as the pattern offered a crocheted flower and I do not crochet except in cases such as the single chain button loop (and even then I am all thumbs and elbows).
It's a gift, one that was requested, so I know it's what she wants.


Guinifer said...

Really cute! I actually have some leftover cream-colored ECO wool that would look really cute as one of these....

Kym said...

So cute! Love the flower in the more "rustic" yarn and color. Such a nice gift!