Saturday, November 26, 2011

Plum Scarf

Yarn:  Socks that Rock, coloway Lenore.
Pattern:  Long Ridged Scarf by Jo Sharp.
Needles:  US #4 (3.5mm)
Comments:  I am so enamored of this simple pattern and the fabric that it produces.
The way it scrunches, folds, drapes, and moves is really beguiling.  And that's just the way it looks.  It feels just as lovely--I have made the pattern in a variety of yarns.  See here and here and here.  I will probably make more.  It's particularly pretty in this type of sock yarn, and 350 to 400 yards will do a nice, lengthy scarf.  If you have some sock yarn that is too pretty or too soft to use for a utilitarian item such as socks, this would be perfect.

The above photos show it fresh off the needles.  Here's how it looks after blocking.

It lost the "bounce" it had before blocking.
Still, it's a nice, soft scarf...

 for when you don't want one that is too heavy or warm.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Headband with Flower

Pattern: Morning Walk Headband Earwarmer by Tif Matthews (the great big flower is my addition).
Yarn:  Cascade Ecological Wool (a rather hairy yarn, as you can see in this closeup.  But it still feels fairly soft.
 Needles:  #10
Comments:  A fun pattern that knits up quickly and is easy to wear.  I did my own flower, as the pattern offered a crocheted flower and I do not crochet except in cases such as the single chain button loop (and even then I am all thumbs and elbows).
It's a gift, one that was requested, so I know it's what she wants.