Friday, July 15, 2011

A Long Scarf and a Hat

Yarn:  Noro Retro, blue and black
Pattern:  Noro Striped Scarf (Ravelry link).
Needles:  US #7
Comments:  This yarn is 64% Wool, 24% Silk, and 12% Angora.  It's a bit softer than Noro Kureyon, and the colors are mostly solid.
I used 4 skeins:  one blue and one charcoal for half the scarf in a two-row striped pattern and then one solid color block of charcoal and one solid color block of blue.
Although the colors look distinctly separate in the sunlight, in other lights they are so close in color that they blend together as one.  Very interesting.  As I was knitting it I kept thinking of the Judge.  And he liked it so much that I told him it was his to keep.  A manly scarf.  But I like it, too.

The Milanese Lace Topper

Pattern:  Milanese Lace Topper (Ravelry link).
Yarn:  Berroco Remix, in gray.
Needles:  US #4
Comments:  This yarn is 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 10% Silk and I'm not sure that it was the best choice for this pattern.  However, it's nice to have a hat that is not quite so warm as wool or alpaca for those times of the year that are cool but not cold.  Or if you live in a more temperate climate than I do.

Here's a cowl in the making, using the same stitch pattern:

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

This is my favorite version of Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever."  God bless the USA!