Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to Door County

Door County sunsets are so spectacular that people line up to see them.  This photo was taken through the Allium in a local garden.

When we visit, we always do a drive through Peninsula State Park.  It's simply beautiful.  It even has a golf course.  This and the rest of the photos were taken with my cell phone.
Cell phone cameras are limited in their capacity to capture images such as the stunning Forget-me-nots that bloom in June.

Here is just a sample of the blue haze they cast on the forest.

The weather was cool and overcast most of the days we were there, but we did have one gorgeous day.
And did you know Door County has no chain restaurants or shops?  That's part of why it feels so comforting and unspoiled.  We enjoyed some live blues music at The Cookery, butter pecan custard cones at Not Licked Yet, dinner at Cooper's Corner, and shopping at many unique stores.  You must see Door County!


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I agree - it is one of our favorite get away locations! Last time we were there, I ran into the most beautiful yarn shops I have ever seen. It was just opened in a renovated bank building on the corner of a square in one of the towns - not sure which town right now. Hubs would remember. Anyway - it was gorgeous, and I hope she had success. The walk in vault held the most precious yarns. It was beautifully stocked, and the entire building had been totally renovated - beautiful woodwork inside, etc. The locals said the owner was an heiress and had socked a great deal of money into this new venture. That was probably 3 years ago. I so hope she made a go of it!