Sunday, May 08, 2011

What to do With Too Much Sock Yarn

I admit, I am a sockyarnaholic.  But I am trying to do something other than socks with some of the yarn (it's either that or clear out my sock drawer(s).
Yarn:  Reynolds Swizzle (70% Merino Superwash, 25% nylon) This yarn may be discontinued, as I purchased it on sale at Needlework Unlimited's Outlet.
Pattern:  Hat: Sockhead Hat (Ravelry Link)  Mittens:  Mittens from the book, Not Just Socks.
Needles: Hat: #1 (2.25mm)
Comments:  These are for mildly cool weather, such as Minnesota Fall and Spring, since they are knit with sock yarn and are not very heavy.  However, they might be nice for winter in warmer climes, too.  The yarn was a sale item and a scarf to match is in the making.


Walden said...

Love the bright stripes with the gray!

Anonymous said...

I also love the stripes. Lately I am knitting lace shawls with my sockyarn although I never wear shawls - LOL

Kym said...

Very cute! I have knit that mitten pattern a few times. Love it. It's perfect for sock yarn (and I am charmed by the little rolled edge on the cuff.) So nice.

Anonymous said...

The lightweight hat and mittens are just what is needed for spring this year. Hopefully, warmer weather will be here soon. Love how you match up the stripes. Very nice!

Suzzanne said...

I did not mean to leave an anonymous comment. Hello from Iowa, where it is still a cool spring.

Lynn said...

Nice! I love sock yarn too. It's the majority of my stash. And I tend to gravitate toward the older stuff.