Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend in Canada

Here's where we spent Memorial Day island on Rainy Lake, Canada, with dear friends.

Mostly, it was cloudy and cool.  But the sun came out after the rain and it was more than beautiful.

But, oh, the thirty minute ride back to the mainland was like this:

I stopped the video when it got worse, to save viewers from any queasiness.  Aren't you glad you came along for the ride?


Guinifer said...

Our cabin was a drizzly event this weekend!

Your pup is so cute.

Kym said...

We had weather like that, too! (WOW - is that water blue!!!!)

madfiNch said...

Nice video! I really miss it up there :(

madfiNch said...

(this is Megan, btw)

Angie said...

Lovely place and so peaceful!