Saturday, May 14, 2011

Attaching Buttons with Yarn

How to attach buttons on hand knitted items is always a puzzle for me.  Do I use yarn or thread?
If I use thread, will it compromise the knitted fabric?  If I use yarn, how do I thread it onto the needle?  Some knitters advocate un-plying the yarn so that it isn't so thick but I don't think that would work so well with this yarn.

Well, I found a little packet of collapsible eye needles that just might do the trick.  After breaking one of the needs, finally I attached the buttons like this:
Yarn:  Classic Elite Sprout, 100% organic cotton
Pattern:  Three-Way Wrap by Ingrid Nickols
Needles:  #10 (6 mm)
Comments:  The yarn is soft and cuddly; nice to knit.
Then, with the leftover yarn I made this hat:
Yarn:  Classic Elite Sprout, 100% organic cotton
Pattern:  Maggie's Beret by Danielle Romanetti
Needles:  #10 (6 mm)
Comments:  I should have used smaller needles because the hat is plenty large for my smallish head.
But it might fit someone else just perfectly!


Kym said...

LOVE that "attachment." Looks perfect!

Rjkimpex said...

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