Friday, April 08, 2011

The Cotton Wrap

Several times on vacation I have come across three-button cotton shawls.  They always look so pretty, in various yummy colors and soft cotton.  And each time I said the same thing we knitters always say, "I could make one of those."  

Well, here is my beginning of that very piece.  I chose a soft cotton that is wrapped with a thread to make it appear nubby; it gives the knitted stitches an irregular look, which I think I like.  It's Classic Elite Yarn's Sprout--100% organic cotton in the Glacier colorway.  It seems light for a bulky yarn, so I'm hoping that it will be comfortable to wear.  It has one buttonhole with three buttons.  But I haven't purchased the buttons yet.  I'm thinking grey coconut buttons, which will be big and light.

Now, I must say that I have made only a few shawls but don't wear them very often.  That's one reason I probably wouldn't make an intricately patterned lace shawl any time soon.  My question is, have you made a shawl, and do you wear it often?


Artseycrafts said...

I am anxious to see your 3-button shawl. The yarn is lovely.

Yes, I just finished my firt lace shawl,Japanese Gardens by WendyKnits. It hasn't been finished long enough to know if I will wear it but I am hooked on the process of knitting lace shawls.

Romayne said...

I also, would like to see the shawl. Do you have a picture of the finished project? Inhave never knitted a shawl, but would be very interested in doing so, with cotton material since I live in florida.