Monday, March 07, 2011

Noro Mittens

Pattern:  Helen's Ambidextrous Mittens (purchased at Amazing Threads).
Yarn:  Noro Kogarashi, colorway #10, 51% silk and 49% wool.
Needles:  US #6 and US #5
Comments:  This is very strange..the lot number on one skein says C and the other originally said B but was written over with a C in felt marker. Does this happen at the factory?????
I started the cuffs with #6 and went to #5 needles on the hand part., as I could not get the proper gauge with this yarn.  The yarn doesn't have much resilience.  It isn't springy, and that is probably due to the high silk content that is in it and also because of the smaller needles. They should be warm, though.
There weren't any knots in this yarn, but did have to remove a bit of the white (I don't particularly like the white specks anyway) in the yarn so that the striping would match up a bit better.  Look for a hat being made with the leftover yarn.  

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Kym said...

I love the cheery bright-ness of these mittens. Simple, warm, AND they bring a smile. Perfect.