Monday, February 21, 2011

Can Spring be Far Behind?

I looked out on our back yard and saw this:
 Robins!  In February!
 In Minnesota!
In all this snow!


Kathy... said...

Ohhhh....poor little guys! Send them down our way. We have had a very mild winter. They'd do fine down here. Even my hubby was out scratching in the garden yesterday. The ground is thawed, and he has spring fever!

Guinifer said...

The birds have been crazy in our back yard the last week; now we have 18 more inches of snow!

Andrea Vlahakis said...

:sigh: I've been watching for both robins (some of which winter over so I never know if they're our winter robins or migrating ones), AND for the red wings. Red wing blackbirds are hands-down spring is definitely coming birds.

Anonymous said...

I've kept up with your weather thru my son who also lives there. The robin photos are beautiful! We have been up to 75 which is 15 degrees above normal. I am hoping for more cooler weather before heat and humidity arrives.

twinsetellen said...

Thank you for these hopeful images! All I'm seeing out my windows are more snowflakes.

Kym said...

I saw robins for the first time this year here in Michigan just yesterday. It seems a little early. . . but I'll take it!