Friday, January 14, 2011

Meida's Mittens

Pattern:  Meida's Mittens, by Nancy Bush, from the book "Folk Knitting in Estonia."
Yarn:  Classic Elite Yarns Fresco, colorways 801,802, 902 & 903
Needles:  #1 (2.25mm) dpns.
Comments:  This yarn is super nice to work with and feels even better as a pair of mittens.  And just imagine--I finished them while the snow was still flying!  Nancy Bush's patterns are some of the best on the planet, 
The thumb is really roomy in this pattern, but it works.  I didn't do the pointed hand and thumb, but sort of rounded it off.  After I had started the pattern and realized that the red is a bit strong and tends to show through the white, I read up a bit on this type of knitting and learned that you have to be careful to choose colors not do this while in close proximity to each other.  I'll try to tuck that good information away for next time.

Now try not to notice this, but I left out the whole 11th row, and you can see it if you look carefully.  I was so exasperated with my error but absolutely did not want to go back and rip out the whole cuff.  So I left out the same row on the second mitten.  Brilliant, huh?  No?  Well, okay.
Chagrin.  Maybe that's why it took me so long to add the thumbs to these.


Andrea Vlahakis said...

Love these! (Even without row 11) ;) Great color combination. Enjoy them!

Sally said...

Beautiful mittens and I would never have noticed the missing row 11. I also like the more rounded hand. Is there a scarf or hat in the works to match?