Monday, February 01, 2010

Over the Highways

Our vacation started out like this:
And it got worse.  This is a photo of Nebraska, where the snow was piled higher than our car.
With intermittent whiteout conditions and slippery roads, it took a whole day to drive from Minneapolis to Des Moines.  We stopped counting at 140 vehicles in the ditches (including semi trucks)!

Our destination was Sedona, Arizona, and we arrived to sunny skies and lovely weather for winter-weary mid-westerners. 
The villa was comfy, with a fireplace and kitchen and covered porch.
Since we had a kitchen, one of the first things we did was to get a few groceries.  On our way back from the store, we encountered six or eight Javelinas milling about our door. It was a bit frightening and we called the front desk to report what we thought were wild pigs.  They laughed and told us a bit about them.  Javelinas don't see well, which would explain why one of them, his snout sniffing curiously, squinted blankly at us before scampering off with the rest of his gang.
  We took in a few of the sites.  This is Montezuma's Castle:
  I was quite taken with the winter white bark on the Arizona Sycamore.
And Cathedral Rock where we had a therapeutically peaceful picnic lunch.
 Airport Mesa:  Yes, the sky is really that color!
The city of Sedona from Airport Mesa:
After a sunny and warm week in Tucson as well, our trip back home included a tow truck drive into Flagstaff, where they had just endured about 5 feet of snow, with many roofs collapsing from the weight.  We saw crews of men on rooftops, removing the snow.  The Judge's car needed major repair (it was the transmission), so he bought a new Toyota Prius and we drove home in it, learning on the way the buttons, bells and whistles the car offered.

America has seemingly endless variation in its beauty, and there is so much to see.  Despite our travel woes, going by car is still our favorite way to go.

Happy to be back home, safe and sound!