Friday, November 26, 2010

Sunday Mary Jane Socks

Yarn:  Regia Plus Cotton, 3% wool, 37% cotton, 25% Poly.
Pattern:  Mine, again, except for using Joan's Favorite Toe.
Needles:  Size 0, (2mm) dpns

Comments:  Mary Jane shoes with ruffled socks--I love them. When I was a girl, my little white anklets were made of such slippery material that they slid hopelessly into the heels of my shoes faster than I could skip down the block.  Finally I have socks of such sturdy material that they should stay put--and keep my feet warm.  I probably won't wear them to Sunday School with a frilly dress, though.
Here's a closeup of Joan's Favorite Toe for socks:
 It's a nicely rounded toe that feels pretty good on the foot, too.
Speaking of Mary Jane Shoes...I like these Doc Martens.
Santa?  Santa, Baby?


Kym said...

Adorable! Love these socks. . . and especially the shoes. :-)

Guinifer said...

Adorable...they look like little girl ankles!

Artseycrafts said...

Nice socks and I love the Doc Martins. I remember my Mary Janes too.(vbg)