Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Pattern:  Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller (Ravelry link) Yay, Julia, for a lovely pattern!
Yarn:  Naturally Waikiwi (55% Merino/20% Nylon?15% Alpaca/10% Possum (yes, the label says possum, although I noticed that on Ravelry it says "Other.") Colorway 405 (it's a beige/gray--I call it greige)
Needles:  #1 (2.25mm) dpns.
Comments:  I liked this pattern a lot.  The knotty part was fun.  But these are the first gloves I have made and I found, generically speaking, that gloves are tedious, with all the fingers to add, making sure that there weren't glaring holes between them, and numerous ends to weave in when finishing.  Honestly, if I hadn't done both gloves at the same time, one might have fallen victim to SGS, which you may recognize as a cousin to SSS (second sock syndrome).
These photos show them unblocked, and if the uneven knitting improves with blocking, I will add another photo or two to this post later.  If not, I will happily wear them anyway.


Kathy... said...

Nice job! I have knit "Knotty" twice, and really enjoyed the pattern. Mine fit great, and I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of them. They are very practical - IMO at least. Yours are just gorgeous!!

Walden said...

I agree, gloves are super tedious. One Christmas I knit like 3 or 4 pairs! Never again.

I like the way your Knotty gloves look. Love how the cables look in the yarn.

Guinifer said...

I think those are pretty impressive. I believe that gloves are the one thing I would not have the patience for. All those little fingers!