Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Hat

My son requested one of these--about a year ago.  Imagine that; I finally got around to it but it will be a Christmas gift, so don't tell!

Yarn:  Cascade 220, in black, orange and red. (worsted weight)
Pattern:  One for All Cap by Tuulia Salmela.
Needles:  #7 (4.5mm) dpns.  I knit the chart using a circular needle.

Comments:  The pattern shows it knit in a DK weight with #3 (3.25mm) needles, but I used a worsted weight and larger needles, which I calculated casually and did some hoping that it would fit.  I also did only 3 sequences of the pattern, rather than 4.  I cast on 87 stitches on a circular needle and added a stitch when I started the solid black row so that I would have an even number of stitches for the decreasing on double points--88 stitches divided by 4 needles (22 stitches on each needle).  When I began the decreases, I switched to double point needles and decreased down to a total of 8 stitches, then closed the hat.

I think it's a lovely, interesting pattern.  Two things to note:  
  • You have to either carry the unused color a long way or (a better way) catch it in halfway through a maximum of 9 stitches.
  • The narrow garter stitch edge wants to curl, and if I made it again I might use a rib stitch there, although with a short band there's no guarantee that even that would not roll somewhat.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice hat which your son will enjoy. I may need to knit this one too.