Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crayon Etching Socks

Remember Crayon Etching?  You color a whole page with many different colors.  Then you color the sheet completely with black crayon.  Finally you etch a design on the blackened page with a wooden stick or similar tool, exposing a colorful image.  Yes, it's messy and uses a lot of crayon...but so striking is the finished product and so much fun to do for children and adults.

These socks remind me of that craft.
Yarn:  Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband, 80% wool, 20% nylon.
Pattern:  My own.
Needles:  #1 (2.25mm) dpns

Comments:  This yarn came with some special reinforcement yarn for the toes and heels, which I truly intended to use.  But when it came time for the heel, I forgot the reinforcement and promised myself I would use it on the toes.
Of course, you guessed it.  I sailed right past the toe part--after inserting those colorful little "etchings" at the beginning of the toe--completely forgetting to add the reinforcement yarn. I should have done these toe-up.  Maybe that wouldn't have helped. 


Kathy... said...

Where did you ever find that yarn? That is the brand that I used when I first started knitting socks - back in the 80's. (Not many brands from which to chose way back then, actually) Anyway - I loved it. I haven't seen it around for years and years...

REALLY love your rendition! And I DO remember doing that with crayons. What fun!

Guinifer said...

So cute.
Loved crayon etching!

JoAnn said...

Wow - what a blast from the past. Crayon etching was one of my favorite things to do in art class! Love this yarn. Where can it be found?

Walden said...

Love the little toe stripes!