Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red is a Neutral Color

Is red a neutral color?  It's said to raise the pulse rate (see here).  Well, if you see it in print it must be so. Anyway, I like almost all reds but am most enamored of the deepest shades.
Yarn:  Isager Strik Tvinni Tweed (Wool 2), colorway 32
Pattern:  My own
Needles:  #4 (3.5mm)

Comments:  The whole scarf took only one skein.  The yarn bloomed somewhat after washing, but it remained a bit scratchy, so it will have to be worn around the collar of a coat, rather than directly on the neck.  That's okay because that's the way we Minnesotans wear warm, woolly scarves in the Winter.  I said Winter again!

To access the pattern for this scarf, see side panel.


Guinifer said...

Gorgeous color and a gorgeous scarf.

I think of red as a neutral.

Walden said...


Virtuous said...

You know I luv it! :) Just beautiful!!