Sunday, August 01, 2010

Roses Aren't Just Red

After a day working on the book, we went to dinner at a local spot.  It was a balmy summer evening as we were leaving, and a young man came by carrying dozens of roses.  The Judge bought these for me.
 Aren't they just lovely?
Have you any idea if these beauties have a name?  They are a soft yellow at the bottom and that intense red on the face.  And they were at least four inches in diameter when fully opened.

Oh, and some shocking pink knitting...


Carol said...

There are a lot of red roses with a cream/white reverse. Yours seem more cream and you said a soft yellow at the bottom. I love red roses with the cream/white reverse and I had many bushes at my old house.
There are a lot of these types of roses for the garden but also there are the "Hot House" variety. I don't know names of those. Most hot house roses have little or no fragrance. Here are some names and links to roses like you show here.
Rosie O'Donnell
Fire and Ice
Ronald Reagan Rose
Those are just a few of what is out there. I hope that this helps.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous roses!!!!!!

Artseycrafts said...

The roses are gorgeous. I love roses too, especially this type which we used to call "Tallisman". Or.....maybe a "Peace" rose??

Kym said...

The roses are absolutely stunning! What a wonderful treat. :-)

Guinifer said...

The roses are gorgeous, not to mention that sock yarn!