Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Small Stuff

Most of my knitting is small stuff.  I just like its portability and nearly instant gratification.  Plus, you can't have too many socks, scarves, washcloths, hats, or mittens.  Can you? Ignore rationalizing for lack of attention span.
Yarn:  Jitterbug, 100% Merino wool, colorway "mushroom."
Pattern:  Diddly Baby Socks by Anne Makepeace, (isn't that a wonderful surname?) who is a workshop tutor for Rowan yarns
Needles:  #2 (2.75mm) dpns
Comments:  A nice pattern and a refreshingly quick change of pace from the Judge's socks I am also knitting in dark navy blue.

On to another small project:
Yarn:  Hempathy, 40% Hemp, 40% Cotton, 20% Rayo, colorway 07.
Needles:  #2 (2.75mm) dpns.
Comments:  This is a very nice pattern with a chart instead of written instructions; easy but fun and the finished texture is really pleasant. 
It goes into the stack of "can't bear to use" washcloths.  They do make good small gifts.


Virtuous said...

Just saying Hello!! I am still around and peeking in on ya :)

I see you are still making lovely socks!!! (maybe I will dust off the needles to complete a pair this summer) the meantime, keep on knitting for me...hoping to back in the groove by fall

Be Blessed!

Artseycrafts said...

Cute baby socks Kay! Are you trying to tell us something? (LOL) I enjoy knitting washcloths from time to time also.

Your new blog also looks very nice.

Suzzanne said...

Love your new projects.

Guinifer said...

Love the photo of the stack of washcloths. So sweet.

Kathy... said...

Hi Kay,

I just came from your Ravelry page, where I found your piano recital video! So charming! I now see it's on your blog too - not sure how I missed it???

Anyway - love the washcloths and I have a question. Do you have a very all time favorite yarn to use for them? I recently made one using Aslandtrends Glaciar Del Cielo, a 100% dk weight. It's been washed and dried and I really like it. But I just wondered if you would have a yarn that you especially like?? I have never liked the Peaches n Creme type yarns for washcloths. They are fine for dishcloths, but I am wanting to make some "spa cloths" as gifts. Christmas is coming you know! LOL. Thanks... k

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Kym said...

I have a stack of "can't bear to use" washcloths, too! :-) They certainly are pretty to look at, though. . .