Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Small Stuff

Most of my knitting is small stuff.  I just like its portability and nearly instant gratification.  Plus, you can't have too many socks, scarves, washcloths, hats, or mittens.  Can you? Ignore rationalizing for lack of attention span.
Yarn:  Jitterbug, 100% Merino wool, colorway "mushroom."
Pattern:  Diddly Baby Socks by Anne Makepeace, (isn't that a wonderful surname?) who is a workshop tutor for Rowan yarns
Needles:  #2 (2.75mm) dpns
Comments:  A nice pattern and a refreshingly quick change of pace from the Judge's socks I am also knitting in dark navy blue.

On to another small project:
Yarn:  Hempathy, 40% Hemp, 40% Cotton, 20% Rayo, colorway 07.
Needles:  #2 (2.75mm) dpns.
Comments:  This is a very nice pattern with a chart instead of written instructions; easy but fun and the finished texture is really pleasant. 
It goes into the stack of "can't bear to use" washcloths.  They do make good small gifts.