Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Things in Small Boxes

When I was with my granddaughter last month, we went to a ceramics shop and she made a lovely strawberry dish for her mom.  I made a mug to rival the galaxies.  Well, maybe not.
They had to be fired and would not be ready before I left for home, so I told her not to send it but to keep it and use it and always remember that day.

Yesterday a box arrived.  It was a small box, and I thought it was the mug that she must have found way too 'mugly.'
But it was this exquisite hand crafted leather and silver belt that completes my summer linen!
My dear daughter-in-law had seen me oohing and aahing over this belt at Wharf Hill, a lovely shop in Smithfield.  I had decided that it was definitely me but I balked at the price.  I was so pleased to get it. I have a most thoughtful and generous family! Thank you!

Wharf Hill also has a number of select antiques--one of which was an old, well-worn yarn swift.  But I already have one of those and am well-wearing it.

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Sally said...

The belt is absolutely lovely!!

Even more special is that your family noticed your interest and followed up with the surprise.