Monday, March 08, 2010

Endless Noro Scarf

Yarn:  Noro Kureyon, colorway #148 (4 skeins)
Pattern:  My own--see instructions below.
Needles:  #9 Addi Lace circular
Comments:  Easy as pie and great for knitting without engaging brain.  Which I do a lot.
Of course, this is one of the easiest scarves in the knitting world.  But just in case you want to make one like it with a nice smooth edge, here's the "recipe."

Kay's Seed Stitch Scarf
Using size 9 needles and about 400 yards of Noro Kureyon or worsted/Aran weight yarn, cast on 31 stitches.

Slip 1 as if to purl, *P1, K1*, repeat between * to the end of the row.

Do the above on each row until you are good and sick of it or the scarf is the length you want. Then bind off.  That's it. 

Still knitting...


Carie said...

When the yarn is as pretty as that who needs anything complicated - just let it shine :) Your scarf looks beautiful

Guinifer said...

My favorite Noro colorway.

Meg Wesley said...

It may be endless but it has to be satisfying to finish something that beautiful.

Jen said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors in your Noro scarf! Sometimes "brainless" knitting is nice too.

Kym said...

The color is fabulous -- and the seed stitch divine! I love seed stitch.

willson said...
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