Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Silken Web

Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze, 70% super kid mohair, 30% silk, colorway #585, "Nightly."
Pattern: Everyday Wrap by Julie Weisenberger. Sort of. Ravelry Link.
Needles: #9 Addi Turbo Lace circulars.
Here's all the yarn that was left.
Comments: This shawl/scarf started out as the Everyday Wrap but I had two skeins of this lovely yarn and I found myself just knitting and knitting and knitting. It was my "grab and go," car-riding, here-and-there (but mostly in the daytime because it's so dark) knitting for quite some time now.

Modifications: When I got toward the end of the yarn, I decided to add my own ruffle simply by knitting into the front and back of every stitch, effectively doubling the number of stitches. Then I knit ten rows and cast off loosely. Now the cast-on end did not match. So I unpicked it and added a ruffle to the other end of the shawl/scarf. This I do not recommend when you are working with cobwebby yarn. Better if you do a provisional cast-on.

So, this isn't really the shawl that it started out to be, but its inspiration (and number of cast on stitches) came from Julie's pattern. Thanks, Julie!


Guinifer said...

Oh, so purty!

Carie said...

Simple but beautiful - sounds just perfect to me :)

Anonymous said...

How pretty! My goal after finishing gift knitting is to try lace again.

Walden said...

This is so beautiful, I just love it.

Kathy... said...

Very nice! The photos are great even looks soft! Good ruffle technique. I never would have thought of that..... duh!

Jean said...

I like how it looks - like it would float with the slightest breeze, should be wonderful to wear.

Kym said...

Just lovely! I bet it feels like a cozy cloud when you're wearing it. There's nothing quite like KSH. . . I love it. (Did you know that KSH melts in a puppy's mouth? Kind of like cotton candy. . .)