Sunday, August 02, 2009

Knitting Inspiration

My fifth grade teacher (God bless her and all teachers who inspire their students for a lifetime of learning!) taught me the knit stitch. My brother and I both learned, since he was in the sixth grade and both grades were in the same small school room in the very school my dad attended for 12 years. My dad is in the sailor suit, front row--second from the left.
And here I am at my desk in that school room.
Many years after I learned the knit stitch, and when my boys were small, I bought a couple booklets and began to knit again.

My boys are grown and gone but those booklets are still with me.
Then I set knitting aside for many, many years. After 9/11, I felt the need to have some sort of comfort for my hands/mind/heart. So I visited my local yarn shop, bought a pattern book and some yarn and was off and running.

Lots of my knitting inspiration comes from friends, bloggers, local yarn shops, books, magazines, memories and web sites. Here are a few commercial sites that I find particularly inspiring and lovely:

Ravelry (of course)
The Sartorialist (fashion on the street)
Skif (click the arrows to scroll through several fabulous sweaters)
cocoknits (beautiful, elegant patterns)
Amazon (for books on knitting)
Rowan (they have free patterns)
Berroco (also free patterns)
Google (search for knitted fashion--images)
Vogue Knitting (save these magazines; the patterns are often way ahead of us)
Interweave Knits (everyone's favorite, for sure)
Knitter's Magazine (another great magazine)

What inspires you to knit?


punkin said...

I enjoyed reading this entry. The pictures are great.

Suzzanne said...

Great photo of you at your school desk. Thank you for the additional links.

Artseycrafts said...

I also enjoyed reading how and when you learned to knit and why you started again. I learned from German friends when I lived there but put it aside for years. I started again about 4 years ago to keep my mind off severe storms.(vbg) My inspiration comes from people like you and other friends who knit.

Virtuous said...

I always love hearing people's knit stories ;o)

Definitely reading other blogs and seeing what others are knitting inspires me! And of course life experiences that may warrant a knitted item too!

Guinifer said...

You are adorable!

I am loving Stitch Collective.

Michele said...

that's a beautiful photograph of you.