Monday, May 25, 2009


Our Memorial Day plan this year was to spend the weekend with friends at their island on Rainy Lake, Canada. Unfortunately, the shed that housed their generator burned and they spent the night putting out the fire! We are so grateful they didn't get hurt and that they were able to save the cabin.

We were on our way up north when we got the news, so we diverted and spent the day in beautiful Duluth, where I found some yarn for much-needed dishcloths (does "warshrag" sound like an expletive?).The cotton socks I'm working on, atop the lovely lingerie bag I found at an antique shop.
And more yarn in rich burgundy color.
Also, I'm thankful for the soldiers who paid the price for the freedom I have...


Linda said...

I'm sorry about your friends fire but I'd much prefer a day shopping for yarn and antiques.

What a fancy 'washrag.' Perhaps I should try some of these to try new stitches. Yours are very pretty.

How do you like cotton for socks. I don't enjoy knitting cotton and never thought I'd enjoy knitting it for socks.

Have a nice holiday.

Gwen said...

Where did you find cotton fingering sock yarn??? I've been looking everywhere for some!!!

Guinifer said...

So glad it was an outbuilding!

That lingerie bag is yummy.

Artseycrafts said...

All of your yarn is so pretty! It's good your friends were able to put the fire out and save their cabin. Yikes!

Jean said...

Its good to see that you made the best of the situation. I too am curious as to the cotton sock yarn you used.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I just HATE using my handknit washrags right off for the dishes. I use them for face cloths until they get sad from many washings and THEN they go do the dishes.

Your's are just too pretty to use for dishes.