Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Project Revival

One last photo of the tulips
I have revived this scarf, started in January, and it's not too much further along than it was in this post.

The yarn is light and lovely and soft to knit. It's an easy project--maybe too nice to end.

It will be a sparkly scarf, not a cold weather one--but that's all right since it will be used as one would use a necklace to accessorize an outfit.

The socks in progress are quite similar in color.
I guess you know I'm still knitting.


Shirley said...

Your scarf is so pretty and sparkly! Which yarn are you using? I love your tulips too.

Lynn said...

What yarn are you using in your sock? I love the blues in it!

Guinifer said...

I guess I'm asking the same question as everyone else! Your scarf looks like Tilli Thomas.

Suzzanne said...

When I look at the scarf, the song "Starry, Starry Night" comes to mind. The tulips will fade, but not your pretty handknits.