Saturday, February 28, 2009

Orange Yum

We made a trek over to Boreais Yarn in St. Paul today. This is a lovely shop and the people there--both the women working at the shop and those knitting at the front table--were wonderful! They have lots of Noro yarn and a huge selection of sock yarn, too.
Having very little orange in my wardrobe, I don't normally choose this color yarn. But this was such a delectable color and so very soft that it came home with me. It's Louet Gems in Citrus Orange (no wonder it's yummy) in fingering weight, machine washable and dryable!

Guinifer asked about the yarn in my previous post. The variegated yarn is Morehouse Farm lace weight in the colorway "Monet's Garden."


Guinifer said...

I do love the Louet Gems base yarn.

Kathy... said...

Orange is one of my all time favs! Goes so well with those browns/beiges that I love so much. Very pretty! Will be watching for a FO soon???