Monday, January 26, 2009

Twizzlers and To-Do Lists

A fact known only to a few (and some who read this blog) is that I have a couple of benign addictions: Cherry Twizzlers (the strawberry twizzlers are easy to find, but the cherry are not) and sock yarn.
I'm working on--you guessed it--another pair of socks. Strangely, it appears I have an affinity for this type of coloration. But not yet an addiction, I hope.

And here's another sweater in the finishing stages. One can only guess how long this has been there. I'm planning to get started on it soon, so look for the completed "Blanket Cardigan."

Now, for those of you who love classical music, I've recently found another podcast that is a joy to hear. It's Classical 95.9 WCRI's "My Music with Dr. Mark Malkovich." He podcasts from his living room with his extensive collection of music. He has been director of the Newport Music Festival and is really well known in the music community. See his bio here.

And to all of you who read my blog, a very big thank you. You make me happy.


Guinifer said...

I love Twizzlers too! I really love that cherry-red sock yarn as well!

(I've been really good so far this year - I haven't ordered any new sock yarn. Of course, I keep finding skeins that aren't in my Ravelry Stash and thinking to myself, "Now, how did that happen?")

Angelika said...

I never heard of cherry twizzlers and I used to stock that stuff. Oh, and, anything to keep you happy. :)

Sally said...

I love red licorice, but I'm a strawberry gal.

I'll be anxious to see the blanket sweater. mine is in time out.

Carie said...

You should make twizzly red socks to match the sweeties! I've no idea what twizzlers taste like because you can't get them here but I love red licorice

Kathy... said...

Cherry Twizzlers are my son's all time favorite. I search them out and often use them as packing material for gifts that I send him. HEAVY packing material, but then.....what's a mom to do???

I, for one, thank YOU for your blog. I always enjoy reading what you're up to..... Your socks inspire me, and bringing UFO back to life - well, that's very commendable indeed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gift of your blog. (Rainbow shopper) Corella