Monday, January 26, 2009

The Letter T

The letter T arrived today from Eternal Arts & Crafts. I don't normally do memes, but here goes. Hope I don't bore your socks off!

Ten things that I like starting with the letter T (not in order of rank):
  1. Twizzlers--but you knew that already.
  2. Time--to do the things I need to do and also the things I want to do, which aren't necessarily one and the same.
  3. Tech Toys--I am crazy about tech gadgets.
  4. Textiles--Linen, wool, cotton. The classics.
  5. Taupe, Tan--and other neutrals--not to mention shades of white and black, blues and browns; I could go on.
  6. Thinkers--those who think and talk about ideas, not about other people.
  7. Tete-a-tetes--great conversations with one other person.
  8. Tabby cats--and most all cats, really.
  9. Temperance--all things in moderation. Except knitting.
  10. Totes--to carry all that intemperate knitting.


Sally said...

Terrific post

This could be fun, will you do more letters?

Christy D. said...

You know, your last post fit into this category, too...Twizzlers and To-do lists.


Walden said...

Lovely list! Love textiles and thinkers also!