Wednesday, January 07, 2009

For the Winter Weary

There's a place I go to see sunshine and water during our gray Minnesota days, and I go there from my desktop. It's called "Beach Walks with Rox." Roxanne Darling walks the beach in Hawaii with her dog Lexi and videotapes it, including her thoughts of the day--which are interesting as well.

Happy (virtual) Sunshine!


Randi said...

My husband and I watched the beach video while out our window is some pretty ugly weather. We're in NW Idaho-NE Washington area and have had lots of snow and now it's windy and raining and generally icky. We've been unable to get to work several days this winter already. So thanks for the brief respite!

Guinifer said...

Two things:
1. LOVE Hawaii.

2. That is one happy dog.

Walden said...

Thanks for the wonderful link, I looked around her site and watched a few of the videos. I love that she gives a word of the day.

Roxanne Darling said...

That day was so beautiful! I loved it and I miss it. Believe it or not, we have a sort of winter in Hawaii too. :-) Plenty of rain and grey skies to feed our reservoirs and cool temps (low 60's) - BUT! before you moan, 1) I am not complaining. 2) Low 60's indoors where we have no heat at all and the windows don't fully close (to let those cool trade winds in) means we can be bundled up in socks and sweaters indoors in the morning just like you.

Mahalo for helping spread a little Aloha.

Love, Rox