Sunday, December 14, 2008


I made an error on my Winterscape Socks pattern--actually two. The first was a PDF file that had the pages backward; that wasn't too bad. But the second was on the gusset instructions. I wrote the incorrect number of stitches across the instep. It should read 30, not 32, but I'm sure you eagle-eyed knitters have already caught it. In case you haven't read the pattern yet, please download it again here so that you have the corrected version. Thanks! And thanks to James, who pointed it out to me in such a kind way!

The PDF file has been corrected!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

They're Square!

Have you seen these square knitting needles? Yes, square!

Here's a closer look.

Kollage Yarns' Square needles. They are touted as more comfortable and easier on the hands. I am inclined to think it is so. But since I just started these socks, I'm reserving judgment on that. They are nicely lightweight and don't have sharp corners as one might expect. I like the color of the needles (how fashionably important) and they seem to have just a little grab--not too much. Gauge doesn't seem to be an issue, but since I don't usually swatch before socks, it could be. I think my gauge may be a little smaller, which should be okay in these socks. The web site says that most knitters go up a size in needles, so I must keep that in mind for next time.

Still knitting...

Friday, December 05, 2008

Noro Socks #8 - A Winter Landscape

Remember my Winterscape Scarf?
These Socks are similar in colorway, but not the same as the scarf. They blend nicely, though.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock - Colorway #S269
Pattern: My own, again. See link for free pattern at sidebar.
Needles: #1 (2.25mm) dpns

Comments: Well, since this is my 8th pair of Noro socks, I've pretty much knit with most of the Noro sock colors--at least all of them that I favored, which leaves out very few. It's time to come out with new colors, Noro people! How about a blend of blues in the same vein (almost solids)? Or green? Or red? Or yellow? Pink? Gray? Is anyone at Noro listening?

If you knit socks with Silk Garden, you need to be aware that each 100 gram skein has only 300 meters of yarn, and that's on the skimpy side for socks. However, with the coloring as the star feature of this yarn, you might want to choose a sock without too much patterning. These are knit top down for a size 9 foot, and see how little yarn remains! Also, it would be virtually impossible to try to match both socks in this subtle colorway, so I went with fraternal and am liking the results.

There were NO knots in this skein, folks! None.

Of course, you can't take just one photo of your Noro project. There's just too much depth and wonder in their colorways.

Still knitting....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Drawings

Mom had a scrapbook of her drawings done when she was in high school which she showed me only when I was older. I felt honored to see it for the first time, and I'm so pleased to have it now.

She was shyly proud of the drawings she had made as a young girl.

She dated them, and somehow that feels important to me.I love you, Mom.