Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Noro One-Skein Stole

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, 70% wool, 30% Nylon, colorway #S229
Needles: Size 8 Straights
Pattern: One Skein - Stole! by Katja Jordan (Ravelry Link to pattern)
Comments: The pattern is really cool--one page and uses only one skein of yarn! If you decide to knit the pattern, though, heed the instructions to use circular needles--the ends of the straight needles tend to get tangled in the stole holes (heh-heh, stole holes).

And of course, since this is Noro, you can't take just one photo of any project made with such a mesmerizing yarn.
It's to be a gift for someone who lives in a warm climate. I hope it's just right!


Virtuous said...

I luv it! And have this pattern already "qued". Looks like you made it in time for NOROvember! ;o)

btw - found you via Eternal Arts & Crafts blog, she featured you!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! It reminds me of hairpin lace. Hope the Judge appreciates all your work to knit his socks!

Jen said...

I love it. I am adding that pattern to my Ravelry queue right now. :)

Pat said...

Beautiful elegant stole! Probably a much better way to use Noro sock yarn!

Kathy said...


Christy D. said...

That's beautiful. Now I think I have an idea for my skein of Noro Sock that I"ve been hoarding for months. :)

Louisa said...

Ooh pretty! I agree it reminds me of hairpin lace too.

Sorry to hear about your mom, Kay. (I read blogs slowly.) You have my sympathies, hon'.