Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mittens with Flowers

Pattern: Mittens with Flowers a Morehouse Original kit
Yarn: Morehouse Merino 3-Strand for mittens in the natural oatmeal colorway and Morehouse 2-ply variegated Merino for flowers.
Needles: Size #5 (3.75mm) and #3 (3.25mm) dpns
Comments: I simply love Morehouse Farm yarn. It's comfort yarn, somewhat like knitting with Malabrigo. Earlier I made a pair of socks out of this yarn, and they are the ones I favor on early Minnesota mornings--so soft and warm and unbelievably comfy that I'm wearing them right now!

Margrit of Morehouse Farm writes elegant patterns that are concise and easy to follow. I tend to lose interest when a pattern gets chatty, and hers are perfect. Just give me the facts, ma'am.

I did change the wrist area on this pattern. It called for a rolled edge but when it rolled, it went a bit too far and didn't cover as much of my wrist as I liked (see right mitten below). So when both mittens were finished, I picked up the stitches at the wrist and added a few reverse stockinette rows (see left mitten below). This lengthens the mitten and works better for someone like me with long arms and never enough sleeve length. If I had known I would have enough yarn to add this length at the start, it would have been done there.
I like the double-rolled effect that my alteration gave to the mittens.
Bet you thought I typed this while wearing them!


Jen said...

Love the mittens! They are so beautiful. The flowers are the perfect touch.

Kathy said...

I love them. And I much prefer the alteration you made.

And you know how much I love the color.

ingrid said...

Very wonderful mittens, especially
the red roses are very nice; I like the combination of grey and red!
Greetings from the south of Germany

Guinifer said...

Wow, those are really beautiful. I could've used those earlier this week.

Sally said...

So cute!! I bet you are anxious for some colder weather so you can show off these beauties. I like your variation, it covers the gap between coat and mitten top.

Artseycrafts said...

Wow! That was fast! Great looking mittens and I know you can use them throughout the Winter.

Kathy said...

Oh so pretty! LOVE the color...LOL! I have never used their yarns, but may just have to do that soon. Love the flowers and your alteration too. "Simply" perfect!

Suzanne said...

Those are really simply adorable!! Sometimes simple is. :)