Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reversible Socks?

Lately reversible patterns have been dancing in my head. By that I don't mean double knitting but patterns that look like either side could be the "right side." Especially for socks, but for scarves, too. Here are my socks shown on the "right side." Yarn: Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock Yarn. Nice, squooshy yarn!
Pattern: Personal pattern knit from the cuff down.
Needles: #1 (2.25mm) dpns
Comments: I like the striping on both stockinette and the purl sides. The pattern would be suitable for either men or women and the Strong Heel by Gerdine Strong makes it more adaptable to being reversible than a flap heel might.

Here's the view of the "wrong side" and the right side of each sock.

Which do you like better?


Deb said...

I love the socks! You're right, they do look great from either side! Are you planning on making the pattern available?

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Nice socks too. Hmm, I like both sides.(vbg)

Dave said...

Very nice -- what a great colourway!

I'm a outside out kinda guy. :-)

Kathy said...

I think I prefer the "right" side, but they are both very nice! The yarn/color looks very pretty too! Great job!

Kathy said...

I love those! I don't know which side I like better.

Guinifer said...

They're beautiful either way, I think I'd wear them with the larger stockinette stripes.

Carie said...

They're both so pretty I think I'd wear one each way!