Friday, September 05, 2008


Google has a new browser called Chrome.  At this time it's only for PC, but a Mac version should be coming soon.  It's still in Beta version (but so is Google Search), so has not been perfected.  All you tech geeks out there probably know about it, but in case you missed it, here's the link for the download.

One major feature is the ability to import all your shortcuts and favorites from Firefox (and probably IE, I'm not sure since I have used Firefox exclusively for years) so you are up and running right away.  And you can search right from the address box.  It has tabs and your favorites on the top and out of the way of your browsing screen.  Your home page can have the "speed dial" similar to Opera's browser.  I have found it to be really fast.  

Here's a Rueter's review.  And a cartoon of the Google story behind this browser.

I'm a major Google fan, having used many of their programs.  And I know there are a couple of geeks out there, reading this blog!

Okay, tech time finished!


Guinifer said...

I like my Firefox though....

Kathy said...

That's cool. I just had to delete Firefox from my computer because it kept making my system lag every 20 seconds for about 15 seconds.

My son downloaded Opera and I really like it. It imported all my favorite places as well.