Monday, June 30, 2008

White Swanklets

Here is my second pair of these anklets (Swanklets).Yarn: I lost the ball band (my excuse is that these started out as another project which was frogged and in my exasperation the label was trashed), but I think it's Meilenweit Cotton.
Pattern: Swanklets--my own pattern, but you can have it free on Ravelry or in the side bar to the right of this blog as a pdf download.
Needles: I used #1 dpns
Comments: They are nice little summer socks. But if you have an aversion to the Kitchener stitch, this may not be the pattern for you. The toe is secured to the sole of the sock via Kitchener--32 stitches worth on each sock. You could do your own heel and toe and avoid this. The garter stitch short row heel and toe give this plain sock a bit of textural interest.

Here they are with the cotton sweater that is nearly finished.
Photos of the sweater soon, I hope!


Guinifer said...

You are so clever! Color me impressed.

Kathy said...

The sweater is gorgeous, and the swanklets - very cute and clever. I like kitchener actually, so I might try those. You have been very busy since last I visited.

Angie said...

Thank you for the cute sock pattern. I don't mind K-stitching, so these look very fun.