Monday, May 19, 2008

Tiny Buildings

Tiny Buildings is a fascinating look into one family's collection of little buildings made from business cards, wedding invitations and other interesting paper. What started out as a husband making Christmas tree ornaments for his young family's enjoyment turned into a collection after his death. Fascinating.

On another note, in the comments on my post about my fourth Noro Striped Scarf I was asked about the pattern for it. I believe the commenter Corella is a knitter I met at Rainbow Foods when she asked me about the reversible cable scarf I was wearing. We had a lovely conversation and she apparently now reads this blog. She has asked where to get the pattern for the Noro Striped Scarf. It is available here; happy knitting, Corella!


Carie said...

I love the tiny buildings - I've never seen them before and it's such a sweet idea to build little wedding chapels, now where did I put the Christmas cards?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yes to both Rainbow and reading your blog. Thank you for directing me to the scarf pattern. Best. Corella.