Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Purl Trax

Yarn: Maizy (82% Corn Fiber, 18% elastic Nylon) Colorway 1208 Suede Tan
Pattern: Purl Trax by me
Needles: #1 (2.25mm)
Comments: The reason I have made three socks in this pattern is threefold. First, I love the way the purl stripes look in a cushy, stretchy, unusual yarn like Maizy. Second, the practice turning corners with the purl stitch has been a good exercise for me. Third, and most importantly, I love the way they feel on my feet.

This is not the best photo of the socks themselves, but it's a good rendition of the actual Suede Tan colorway.

Guess what else sneaked onto my needles in a weak moment...
Oh, and more Noro socks! This time it's not just stockinette...More details about this pattern later.


Rhonda said...

Your socks turned out great. I was admiring them on Ravelry in my friend's activity.

Do tell about the pattern. I have some Noro sock yarn and I need a good pattern for them.

Dave said...

Mmmmmm ... Noro !!

I'm going to have to try your Purl Tracks pattern because I have trouble turning the corners in purl too ... I always get loose stitches.

Guinifer said...

Love the sock(s) - great colors in the Noro. I really like the pattern you used with it.

Kathy said... that a Noro Scarf I see??

I have May 1st designated as the day I should start knitting Christmas gifts. Perhaps a Noro Scarf should be on my needles soon too!!


Lynn said...

I LOVE the noro scarf. I plan on making one with the Noro I have. And you'll have to keep us updated with the Noro socks. I almost bought some the last time I was in my LYS but I already had enough yarn for that trip......
Loving the Maizy as always!