Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring in Minnesota!

When the calendar turns the corner to March and it moves past the "ides of" to the 20th day, it's officially Spring, right? Guess again. What you see is typically Minnesota weather around the middle of March.Thankfully, I no longer need to shovel the stuff since a young neighbor boy enterprisingly offered his snow shoveling skills. Still, I sneak out there sometimes and take a turn at it.
That's the only way one can play in the snow when you get to be a grandma. Making snow angels all by yourself could get you carried away in a tight, white jacket.


Anonymous said...

UhOh! Today I heard you may get an additional 12 inches of snow! I think both you and my son who lives in St. Paul will have a snowy Easter. It's almost too warm here in the South but I suppose I shouldn't complain.(vbg)

Guinifer said...

It's a beautiful day to snuggle up with the knitting, though.

My mom, who is 70 (she's the grandma at our house), does the same thing. There is no way we can keep her away from the snowplow/snowshovel.

Jen said...

Hey Spring in Chicago looks a lot like too this year! :)