Thursday, March 06, 2008

Red Soxx Appeal - Finished!

I'm a gal who likes neutrals, and now and then a bit of RED!
Yarn: Soxx Appeal, colorway 9228
Pattern: Purl Trax - My own - See side bar
Needles: #1 US - 2.25mm

From this angle, egad, my feet look like flippers. Makes me think of family photos of everyone lined up on the couch with the most noticeable thing in the foreground--camera-induced disproportionately large knees and legs!
Comments: This yarn photographed as a brighter red than it is. It's more muted as it looks in the photo below. This is all the yarn I had left *gasp.* The yarn is 96% superwash Merino wool, 3% nylon, and 1% elastic, with a recommended needle size US #2 for 32 stitches/4". The ball band said there were 208 yards, and I just squeaked by with two 50 gram balls. That may be due to the elastic in the yarn, my quirky tension and use of smaller needles.

As you would imagine, the socks are extremely comfy, with the combination of Merino and elastic working together. These might not make it to gift status.
I have made these socks before (see here) and gave those to my grandson, who proclaimed them the most comfortable socks he owns! But most hand knitted socks are noticeably more comfortable than store bought, aren't they? Am I preaching to the choir here?


Kathy said...

Funny -- that's exactly like me! Neutrals, but other than that, the predominant color is red!

These socks are just gorgeous, btw. They even LOOK soft and squishy! Nice pattern too. These would be keepers if they were mine.

Jen said...

Love the red. I don't think I could let those go!

Guinifer said...

Gorgeous - very sleek-looking socks.