Thursday, March 06, 2008

Here's the Pattern!

This is a first for me. A pattern for the socks in my previous post. Even though it's a very simple pattern, it is a pattern! I have not had it test knitted, so there is the possibility of error in the writing or even in each knitter's interpretation.

See the side bar for a link to the PDF file called Purl Trax.

I hope you like it!

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Kathy said...

Oh Kay! What a wonderfully written pattern. With your permission, I would like to make a copy for Melissa - the little gal that I am teaching to knit (no pay involved - so would not be profiting from the pattern in any way). She wants to make socks, and I have been on the prowl for a nicely written, basic sock pattern. I think she would like the texture the purl rows give too. Thanks for sharing - and putting all the work into documenting it all. I know it's not easy.