Monday, December 31, 2007

Tanglery--When Skeins Go Bad

It started out innocently; wind a cake from a skein of Schaefer Anne yarn into a perfect cake for knitting the perfect scarf to go with my new red jacket. But what was that? A nasty click-clack from my ball winder and an abrupt halt. No matter, this can be fixed. (It might have made as much sense to knit directly from the skein.)
For sure, hanging it on the bedpost didn't make a lot of sense, either. There was some (okay, a lot) exasperation going on here. 560 freakin' yards of fingering weight yarn, for goodness sake!
Several hours and an Excedrin PM later I'm rewinding the skein.
Note to self: Buy only small skeins from now on.

Happy New Year, and may all your tangles be small.


renee said...

Oh, I hate when that stuff happens!!!

On the plus side, that's a gorgeous skein of yarn!

Guinifer said...

Lovely, nonetheless!

sheila said...

I love the pictures of the messed up yarn! Too funny because I have been in that boat many times before!

Happy 2008!

Jen said...

Ah, the tangled skein. How I hate them! :)

I am glad you got the tangle out!

Kathy Wajerski said...

What a nightmare! I do all my miniscule winding by hand on empty medicine containers.

With my lack of dexterity, I'm thinking a swift might not be a good idea.

Kathy said...

Would you believe that I don't have a ball winder! I have a swift, but I wind all of mine on an old fashioned Nostepinde. I usually am happy with it, except when I am faced with winding 12 or 13 skeins....the I wish I had a winder. Perhaps someday I will get one.

Your skein is beautiful! Looking forward to another gorgeous scarf completed.....

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I do find that I have to go slowly when winding Schaefer Anne yarn. But it is such nice yarn to knit with. BTW, I sometimes wish the winder had an electric motor on it. Sure is tiring to do more that one skein at a time. But it's better than the old way I use to do it.

Pat said...

You are more patient than I!
I once through out a skein of Lorna's Laces because I got SO frustrated - I just flipped!