Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ruched Scarf - Finished!

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, 116 velvet plum (main color) and Koigu KPM, 2239 (contrasting color)
Pattern: Gathered Scarf by Maryse
Needles: #4 and #7 straights

Comments: I loved making this scarf. It was a totally fun pattern to do and it went pretty fast. One has to be watchful switching needle sizes, but that quickly becomes second nature as you change sizes on the decrease and increase rows.

I made a couple alterations to the pattern as written. Instead of a rolled stockinette stitch at the edges, I substituted the garter stitch and those rows were done in an analogous color, darker than the main one. This lovely detail that I thought was so important to the finished product is not revealed in the photo. But it is apparent in real life.

This pattern has such a beautiful, unusual texture and is so light to wear, since it's made with fingering weight yarn, that I am considering raiding my stocking yarn stash to make another. And maybe some matching wristlets!


Kathy said...

Lovely! I am eyeballing my sock yarn/sport wt stash right now.... Hmmmm I have some lovely Liza Souza yarns, and a nice assortment of Tuir...but that is all in plain colors. Wonder - how do you think it would look in random solid stripes (all earthy colors of course) with a cream base color. The garter rows in cream??

Right about now I feel that winter will be never-ending....so a gal can always use another warm scarf...

Guinifer said...

Well, this month you are to scarves as I am to socks!

renee said...

I really like that scarf - what a great pattern! I like the yarn you used too. Gorgeous!

maryse said...

nicely done!!! i'm so glad that you liked the pattern so much. your scarf looks great!