Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Noro Striped Scarf #3 – Variation on a Theme

The Winterscape

Winterscape, is my third—maybe not last—Noro Striped Scarf. Reminds me of the countryside blanketed with snow and lined with bare-barked trees in shades of brown and gray and soft white with a dash of golden grasses. The next time you drive through the country in winter, take a good look at the landscape’s natural colors. In their subtlety, they are calming and refined and most beautiful to behold.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden #267 and #269, two skeins each.

Needles: Susan Bates #7 Quicksilver straights.

Pattern: The Noro Striped Scarf, as seen on Brooklyn Tweed’s blog.

Comments: Is Noro refining and softening their Silk Garden yarn? These two colors were much squishier/softer in the skein than others and remained so on the needles. I decided to change the striping a bit on this scarf and rather than doing just the two row striping, added a variation on each end, with a ¾” stripe at the very center of the scarf (this stripe was done simply because there was a bit more brown yarn at the end of knitting the first two skeins and because I wanted a point for measuring where to start the next controlled striping). Also, I like the unexpected effect it gives. I carried the opposite color up the side, rather than cutting the yarn and weaving it in. The effect is not that noticeable and it reduced finishing time.

Here is the chart for the striping:


Kathy Wajerski said...

That is so beautiful. I really like earth-toned and that really does look like the winterscape out my window.

Guinifer said...

It's lovely - who gets this one?

Dave said...

It's gorgeous ... it looks so peaceful and quiet. I like the stripe width variations!

Jen said...

I am in love with that scarf!!

missmalice said...

Love it!!! I am itching to do another.... :)


Pat said...

A beautiful Noro scarf - I LOVE the natural colors - so different than most of them I've seen!!