Friday, December 28, 2007

And Under My Hat...

Under my hat my hair is flat. I look (and feel) completely ridiculous in most of them. But it's probably the best feeling hat I've worn in a long time. Not too tight, not too loose, but just right!

Yarn: Mountain Colors Twizzle, colorway, Steelhead
Pattern: Toboggan Noggin, by Amy E. Anderson.
Needles: #6 Addi Turbos

Comments: I really like this pattern. I got it with a purchase of yarn at Lakeside Fibers in Madison, WI. The yarn is pleasant to work with and the colors are purely luscious.

The top of the hat can be closed or partly open or completely open to slide down the neck like a cowl.

With another skein in the wings, should I make gloves? Fingerless? Mittens?


Jen said...

Love the hat. The color is great!

Kathy said...

I am not a big fan of hats for myself either, but I love them on others! This one looks like it fits great. The versatility of the pattern is terrific. I vote for matching gloves.

Pat said...

Very cool (or warm with the top closed!) hat pattern!
The yarn is beautiful and the optional opening a great idea!