Sunday, November 25, 2007

Noro Ribbed Scarf #2 (The Mallard)

Everyone who makes this cannot seem to get enough photos of it, and this is no exception. The Judge loved the scarf. He wears it so well, don't you think?

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, Colors #172 and 195, two skeins each.
Purchased Here: Stitcher's Crossing, Madison, WI
Pattern: The wildly popular and much talked about Noro Striped Scarf, as seen on Brooklyntweed's blog.
Needles: Susan Bates Quicksilver #7 straights
Here is the Judge's scarf with low light (and it's pretty much how it looks to me).
And here it is with more flash lighting, which skews the colors a bit by brightening them.
Either way, the colors are fab for a guy. Or for a gal. Since both colors have blocks of color that are quite close, there are a couple blocks of really dark, nearly imperceptible striping followed by a revelation of softly changing Mallard-like hues. I like this scarf as much as the first one I made. That one I glommed onto and claimed as my own. The plan was to make another one in Silk Garden with two dark and two highly multicolored colorways. But the Judge indicated he would like one, so I chose these for him.


Dave said...

It's gorgeous -- I love the subtle colouring!

Guinifer said...

Very distinguished and apropros for a judge. Nicely done.

Angie said...

I think your scarf for the Judge looks wonderful. The colors are interesting but not wild. It looks great for a guy--or a girl.

pat said...

Very lucky judge!!
The scarf is gorgeous - they color play beautiful!

Jen said...

The judge looks good in the man scarf. The colors are perfect! :)