Friday, November 30, 2007

Movie at the Oak Street

Just wanted to tell you about the movie we saw this evening at the Oak Street Cinema in Minneapolis. It's called Let's Get Lost, a documentary made in 1988 and recently re-released, about the life of Chet Baker, jazz trumpeter and singer. It includes interviews with Baker's friends, wives, mother and children as well as with the man in his last year along with a sound track of his music. It's a fascinating, riveting glimpse into the life of a gifted musician with a drug addiction.

If you are jazz fans, particularly Chet Baker fans, you won't want to miss it.

It's showing nightly through December 6, with weekend matinées.

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renee said...

Thanks for the tip! When I saw "Terror's Advocate" this week they had a preview for "Let's Get Lost" and it does look really good. I remember when it was originally released, I saw a lot of previews for it - it seems like on movie rentals, though. Anyway, I never saw it, so I'll have to try to get to this week. I want to see the Kurt Cobain documentary this week too - that's more my style of music, but I'll have to try to make it to both.