Friday, November 30, 2007

Movie at the Oak Street

Just wanted to tell you about the movie we saw this evening at the Oak Street Cinema in Minneapolis. It's called Let's Get Lost, a documentary made in 1988 and recently re-released, about the life of Chet Baker, jazz trumpeter and singer. It includes interviews with Baker's friends, wives, mother and children as well as with the man in his last year along with a sound track of his music. It's a fascinating, riveting glimpse into the life of a gifted musician with a drug addiction.

If you are jazz fans, particularly Chet Baker fans, you won't want to miss it.

It's showing nightly through December 6, with weekend matinées.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More Scarves and some Wooden Tools

Here's the little Christmas tree in my office. Look carefully underneath and you will see--what! Not another Noro Striped Scarf! Egad, woman!
Also there's a narrow cabled scarf in the works:Notice the Brittany cable holder, which is really cool. The stitches don't fall off because of the nature of the wood and also the center section is slightly narrower than the ends. Real nice tool.

This must be my year for wooden tools. I also got a niddy-noddy. It came with minimal instruction and is unfinished. Should I finish it and if so, how? A wax finish? Oil finish? Varnish? I went to a woodworking shop and the myriad finishes simply confused me. Confusion ensued as I tried to explain a niddy noddy, too. Guess I will have to bring the tool in to the store with a ball of yarn wrapped around it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Noro Ribbed Scarf #2 (The Mallard)

Everyone who makes this cannot seem to get enough photos of it, and this is no exception. The Judge loved the scarf. He wears it so well, don't you think?

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, Colors #172 and 195, two skeins each.
Purchased Here: Stitcher's Crossing, Madison, WI
Pattern: The wildly popular and much talked about Noro Striped Scarf, as seen on Brooklyntweed's blog.
Needles: Susan Bates Quicksilver #7 straights
Here is the Judge's scarf with low light (and it's pretty much how it looks to me).
And here it is with more flash lighting, which skews the colors a bit by brightening them.
Either way, the colors are fab for a guy. Or for a gal. Since both colors have blocks of color that are quite close, there are a couple blocks of really dark, nearly imperceptible striping followed by a revelation of softly changing Mallard-like hues. I like this scarf as much as the first one I made. That one I glommed onto and claimed as my own. The plan was to make another one in Silk Garden with two dark and two highly multicolored colorways. But the Judge indicated he would like one, so I chose these for him.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fingerless Mitts - Finished

Pattern: Kim's Sockotta Fingerless Gloves

Yarn: Mae 100% Alpaca, from Rum River Alpaca Ranch in Oak Grove, MN

Needles: #1 Pony Pearl dpns

Comments: The pattern was for fingerless gloves, not mitts, and it is written for 2 circs. My version is fingerless, with ribbing at thumb and fingers and the addition of embroidered daisies with a small bead at the center. The yarn is soft and feels wonderful on the hand, but it is not very forgiving of any knitting irregularities. And there are a few.

The pattern is straightforward, simple and fine. But because I decided to do this on dpns, rather than 2 circs, the translation from one to the other was done in my head (not a good choice) and adding to my befuddlement was my substituting the fingerless ribbing. My recommendation? Next time just follow the pattern!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hypnotic Color

I am in a color trance. I'll admit it. There are man socks to be knitted and fingerless mitts to be finished. But I saw this Noro yarn....

And most of you know the rest of the story. The Judge liked my first Noro striped scarf and indicated he would actually wear one, so he's getting one!This one is dark in color, reminding me of Mallards as the colors transform from black to grey to dark green, blue and brown. When I finish you will get a better representation of these new smoky colors from Noro.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Noro Ribbed Scarf - Finished!

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Colors 217, 234 and 84. 4 skeins total.
Pattern: brooklyntweed's Noro Striped Scarf
Needles: #7 Addi Turbos
Comments: Noro, thy name is Color! I was reminded of Elizabeth Zimmerman's saying about ribbing, "continue in ribbing until you are sick of it," or something to that effect--pardon my paraphrasing. Oh yes, you will be sick of the 1 x 1 ribbing by the time you reach the end of your yarn. But is it worth it? I think so. Noro can be difficult to knit; it's a bit rough, with vegetable matter and knots here and there--and it's quite expensive! The redeeming feature about this yarn is the ever-unfolding melding of colors that will mesmerize you and keep you knitting to the end.
Even before blocking, the scarf takes on a magical aura of its own.
Virtually every Noro Striped scarf I have seen is beautiful, so I really don't think you can choose the wrong colors. I am particularly fond of Kathy's lovely Noro scarf.

While striving for subdued color in this scarf, I would definitely go more colorful in the next one. Choose two dark colors and two multi-colored yarns and you will have a rainbow of beauty.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Moving Right Along...

I'm looking a lot like this woman as I plod along with my Noro Ribbed Scarf:

The Last Knit

With apologies to all who have seen this a million times!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Noro Scarf - In Progress

Who has frogged this basic scarf?
I have some reservations about the yarn (more on this later), colors I chose, and especially my own capability to complete a simple project these days. Frogging a 1x1 ribbed scarf a couple of times seems preposterous, doesn't it? Maybe a little fresh air is in order here.

Taking a break...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Man Socks in Progress

They really don't look so beige and peachy; it's just my camera behaving badly! They are more brown and gray.

These are socks for the Judge, and he likes them plain. There's still lots of knitting to go because he has some really big feet. And they are on size 0 needles.

Now I have been distracted by other projects I have ripped and re-knitted until I'm starting to feel sorry for the yarn, not to mention my own frazzling.

Have you ever started what should have been a really simple project that turned into a seemingly unattainable finished product?

Guess I need to return to these socks!